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Turning Points Butterfly

Butterflies have long been a symbol of resurrection, hope, joy and new beginnings; they symbolize rebirth and transformation. We are pleased to share Judy's story of transformation below.  A story which led to the Butterfly being an important symbol for Parkland Turning Points Society.

As a woman who has a personal history of family violence, and abuse in my intimate relationship, I realize how very fortunate I am, to have been one of many women who have participated in the Women’s Turning Points Program.


With the help of the wonderful leaders of this program, and their on-going support, I have achieved great personal growth, which has allowed me to challenge personal goals, which I would have never attempted before.


While I attended this valuable supportive and educational group, my life was revealed to me through a dream.  I understood how the dream related to the abuse I had suffered, and the impact it had on my self worth.  Standing outside my body, looking in, I saw a stupid, worthless, battered and bruised, ugly little worm.  I felt tired and weak, trapped in a cocoon that was more of a jail than a safe home.  I was suffocating with anger, at the unjust treatment I endured.


Risking everything, I allowed my anger to surface, which motivated me to seek help.  With undying determination to overcome my circumstances, I found the courage to free myself from the cocoon.  The road to recovery was very emotional, but there was no turning back for me.  I grieved my pain and suffering, and worked through my anger, tears and fears, to discover my new found freedom brought great rewards and new fears.


With a lot of support and encouragement, I began to feel hope, that I’d gain control over my life and stop the cycle.  As the little worm grew more confident, she slowly transformed herself into a beautiful butterfly.  With trepidation she again found her courage to try her new wings; and to her surprise and delight, she could actually fly.  She was free!  For the first time in a very long time, I felt truly alive, and knew how unique and worthy I am.  I am strong, yet soft and delicate.  Like the extraordinary colors of my wings, I too am extra-ordinary.


Since my dream was such a positive inspiration to abused women in our community, it was decided that a butterfly pin should become the logo for the Women’s Turning Points Program.  I am honored and proud to be instrumental in the creation of this little pin and logo, that represents Safety, Support, Self Worth and Hope.  It is my greatest desire that all women who see this pin or logo will know the story behind it and tells their women friends and family members so that most importantly they’ll know that if I can overcome my violent abusive past, they can too.  Every kind of abuse has a negative effect.  There is help, you are not alone, and abuse is never okay.


Turning Points has made a positive difference in my life, so that I am now capable of making a difference in the lives of others.





-  Judy


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